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B. Lectures: 

The next lecture will take place on Saturday 27 may 2017 at 10h in W 017.

I. Private International Law (spring semester 2017) 



Dealing with contract drafting and disputes in the context of international business transactions requires the awareness of the availability of different legal orders. This lecture should give an orientation as to the pertaining issues of conflict of laws in cases with a foreign element in the fields of contracts, corporations, torts, family law and law of succession. The lecture will deal with the methods and rules to be applied in such "conflicts of law" (as the topic is referred to by common lawyers) in order to determine which country's legal system shall govern to decide on the merits of such cases. Despite its slightly misleading name, "Private International Law" (PIL) is not international but mostly national law and, therefore, the course will review at the outset and in order to explain the dogmatic concept  the PIL-Rules of German law (in particular the Second Chapter of the Introductory Act to the Civil Code), but also relevant international treaties (bilateral and multilateral) as well as proliferating EU legislation. Harmonization on the EU level has started  with two comprehensive EU-Regulations on Private International Law: So called “Rome II” (concerning torts) and “Rome I” (concerning contracts), leading partially to an extinction and partially to a preemption of large parts of German Private International Law. In 2012 the Rome III Regulation entered into force, unifying PIL of divorce in (meanwhile) 16 EU member states, and in 2015 the EU Succession Regulation unifying the private international law of succession. Incidentally, reference will be made to general ideas and principles of Private International Law in other European countries and in the US. The class will also cover the basic concepts of international jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, a field where EU-made law traditionally largely governs court practice. Students having completed the class should not only be able to spot special and general issues such as characterization, preliminary question, independent attachment, adaptation and ordre public (public policy) but also be equipped with a method of how to approach and how to solve (find the applicable substantive law) on a step by step basis a private international law case from the perspective of a judge or an attorney.

II. Lecture (fall semester 2016) „European Private Law“
For the first meeting it might be helpful to bring (1) a laptop with internet access and (2) the following legal texts: 
Consolidated versions of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). The up to date version of these legal instruments can be downloaded from: http://register.consilium.europa.eu/doc/srv?l=ENf=ST%206655%202008%20REV%207

III. Verzeichnis der Lehraufträge:

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