M.C.B.L. Double Degree Mannheim/Adelaide

The program is unique in that it gives its students the opportunity to study law from a comparative perspective at both a German and an Australian university. In doing so, students gain first-hand experience of the different approaches to problem-solving and legal thinking adopted by a traditional European legislation on the one hand and by a common-law country on the other. The admission period always starts on 15 March and ends on 31 May. The admissions process requires an online application and documents that need to be sent to the University of Mannheim.

Due to COVID-19 the M.C.B.L. Double Degree Mannheim/Adelaide will not be offered for the study year 2022/23!

Berina Fischinger-Corbo, M.C.B.L.

Berina Fischinger-Corbo, M.C.B.L.

Studien­gangs­managerin Master of Comparative Business Law
Universität Mannheim
Abteilung Rechts­wissenschaft
Schloss Westflügel – Raum W 219
68161 Mannheim
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