Our Research

While Jens-Uwe Franck's research focus is on competition law, research projects regularly focus on cross-cutting issues and therefore also concern banking law and securities regulation as well as consumer protection law. His research is characterized by a comparative approach, a focus on the role of private and commercial law as an element of the European Single Market as well as an openness to interdisciplinary research, in particular to collaboration with economists.

Current research projects focus on the law of antitrust damages and the challenges to market regulation posed by the rise of digital platforms. Jens-Uwe Franck acts as project manager in the field of “Platform markets” within the CRC Transregio 224.

Working papers

Current Publications

Selected Publications


  • Marktordnung durch Haftung, Mohr Siebeck (Tübingen) 2016
  • Europäisches Absatzrecht, de Gruyter (Berlin) 2006

Article-by-Article Commentary

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Journal Articles

  • What is ‘Competition Law’? – Measuring EU Member States’ Leeway to Regulate Platform-to-Business Agreements, Yearbook of European Law [YEL] 39 (2020), 320–386 (with Nils Stock) [Preprint]
  • Cartel Effects and Component Makers‘ Right to Damages, World Competition Law and Economics Review 43 (2020), 209–240 (with Martin Peitz)
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Contributions to Edited Volumes

  • Private Enforcement in Germany, in Private Enforcement of European Competition and State Aid Law, ed. by Ferdinand Wollenschläger, Wolfgang Wurmnest und Thomas M.J. Möllers, Wolters Kluwer (Alphen aan den Rijn) 2020, 77–116 [Preprint]
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