Chair of Private Law, Insurance Law, Business Law and Comparative Law

Prof. Dr. Oliver Brand, LL.M. (Cambridge)

Prof. Dr. Oliver Brand, LL.M. (Cambridge)

This Chair deals mainly with various topics from the area of liability and insurance law. The scientific work focuses on current issues of compensation for non-material damage, insurance supervision as well as insurance contract law, the digitalisation of the insurance industry, the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the interconnection of insurance law with other sub-disciplines of law.

On our website you will find information for students, insurance companies and all other interested parties. In particular, these include details on current events, courses, publications as well as news on our current research activities.


Registration for seminar in Spring 2021

The registration for the seminar in spring semester 2021 on the topic “Problem areas of health insurance” runs until 15.12.2020.

Save the date: 45th Annual Mannheim Insurance Science Conference

In order to maintain the annual conference as a meeting platform, it will not take place in February 2021 as usual. Please note the change of date to Thursday, 15.07.2021. 

Currently no on-campus university operations

Due to the corona crisis, there are no current presence operations at our Chair. Please send all requests by e-mail to

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