Privatversicherungrecht II

Private Insurance Law II

Instructor Professor Brand
Type Lecture
Date Tuesday, 1:45 - 3:15 pm
Room Online in Zoom 01
Term 5th Semester
Semester hours 2
Language German
Allocation September 30th - October 13th with Professor Makowsky
October 20th - November 03rd with Professor Brand
November 10th - November 17th with Professor Makowsky
November 24th - December 08th with Professor Brand
Prerequisites Private Insurance Law I
Description The lecture is divided into three parts. First of all, the special insurance contract law is examined on the basis of the practically important segments of liability, life and health insurance. Subsequently, the European and international dimension of insurance contract law comes into focus (conflict of laws of insurance contracts and uniform law). Finally, it deals with the basic features of insurance company and supervisory law. Small simulations are intended to make questions of particular practical relevance comprehensible and raise awareness of various possible solutions.
Recommended Readings Wandt, Versicherungsrecht

The lecture slides are available on Ilias