Main Research Areas

Private Insurance Law

The chair examines basic questions of general insurance contract law, in particular the references to civil law. Furthermore, special attention is paid to current issues in property and personal insurance. Interfaces to other areas of business law are also of interest (especially competition and intellectual property law).

Competition Law

In the area of competition law, we mainly deal with questions of abuse of market power and intellectual property antitrust law.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property law is covered by the chair for problems of German, European and International Patent Law, the internal and external barriers of intellectual property protection and the identification of general, cross-protection law standards (universals of intellectual property law).

Comparative Law

The focus of the considerations on comparative law is based on the methodology and the development of the subject, the influence of language on the law and the particular constraints of comparing commercial law of different legal systems. 

General Civil Law

In General civil law, the chair aims to contribute to the solution of problems in the fields of liabilities and damages.