Comparative Law I

Lecturer Professor Brand
Event Lecture
Date Tuesday, 12:00 – 01:30 pm
Place EW 242 and online via Zoom
Term 1st semester (MCBL)
Prerequisites none
Semester periods per week 2
Language German
Description The class of Comparative Law I covers the topics of the Trento Thesis which are the aims and goals of comparative law, the uses of comparative law, the pitfalls of comparative law such as Textism, Monolinguism, Hidden implications, Intra Language Traps and different origins. It also covers the taxonomy of legal systems, which consists on how legal families are divided and its criticism. It also talks about the Legal transplants and Legrand impossibility and Watson market Model. It covers the topic of Methods of Comparative Law such as Functionalism and its different perspectives. Also, it covers the History of Private Law including the Germanic and French roots.

The lecture slides are available on Ilias