University Focus Subject Insurance Law

The insurance industry enables economic risks to be transferred to the insurer in return for a premium payment. This possibility is a prerequisite for most of the rules of liability and damages law. The economic importance of insurance law is shown by the volume of existing insurance relationships (approximately 430 million Euro).
Private insurance law, which the focus area of insurance law at the University of Mannheim deals with, rests on four cornerstones:

  • the insurance contract law,
  • the insurance supervisory law,
  • the insurance business law and
  • international and European private insurance law

Private insurance law needs to be distinguished from social security law. Social insurance law regulates insurance relationships existing by law between insured persons and social insurance institutions (e.g. statutory health insurance funds). These are not part of the curriculum. Private insurance law is a particularly versatile core area of commercial law. Not only does it develop constant interactions with general private law and other sub-areas of commercial law, but it also has strong interdisciplinary references to insurance management theory and actuarial mathematics. The University of Mannheim addresses these issues at the Institute of Insurance.

Lecture: Private Insurance Law I (German)

The lecture, which is held in German, deals with insurance contract law containing the provisions of the law of obligations for insurance contracts. It also covers the law of insurance mediation. The central source of law is the Insurance Contract Act (VVG). The VVG of 1908 has been fundamentally reformed for the first time by the Act on the Reform of Insurance Contract Law, which came into force on 1st January 2008. The lecture focuses on the general part of insurance contract law and the references to civil law. Using selected examples from the areas of health, life and damage insurance, typical problem areas of special insurance contract law will also be examined

Lecture: Private Insurance Law II (German)

The lecture “Private Insurance Law II” is dedicated to the other three cornerstones of private insurance law, insurance supervisory law, insurance business law and international/European private insurance law. Insurance supervision law deals with the official control of insurance companies. It is primarily regulated by the German Insurance Supervision Act ( ISA (=german VAG)). Under the category of insurance business law, the standards dealing with the establishment and organisation of insurance companies (insurance company law) on one hand, and the special competition rules for the insurance industry (insurance competition law) on the other hand are to be considered. International/European private insurance law deals with questions of the conflicts of laws and European Uniform Law (PEICL) of insurance contracts. The lecture is held in German language.


Seminars on current topics of private insurance law complement the curriculum and provide the opportunity to deepen the lecture content. In the seminars, interested students are regularly given the opportunity to gain insights into the practice of an insurance lawyer, in an insurance company, with the insurance supervisory authority and in court.