Licence en droit

Earning a double degree at the Université de Toulouse 1 Capitole


This program enables you to gain both international experience and obtain a double degree at the same time. This adds to your qualification in law and helps you develop a clear-cut profile.

It is a demanding program, which provides you with the opportunity to earn a degree in both German and French law: a “licence en droit” awarded by the Université de Toulouse 1 Capitole and an LL.B. awarded by the University of Mannheim.

The Université de Toulouse 1 Capitole is a partner university we have cooperated with for a long time. It is located in southern France and has a similar profile as the University of Mannheim.

The Université Toulouse 1 Capitole and the University of Mannheim introduced this program to promote the exchange of and among students across borders and to help them gain additional skills. This additional qualification lends extra value to your law degree and has the potential to boost your career prospects both in France and in Germany.

Program structure

You will spend your first two years of study at the University of Mannheim as a regular student. However, you will already have to apply for the program during your third semester (see deadlines below) in Mannheim, because linguistic and subject-specific preparation for your period of study abroad will start when you reach your second year of study. Courses in French law regularly offered by visiting scholars from the University of Toulouse in Mannheim complement your preparation activities.

You will spend your third year of study at the University of Toulouse, where you will pursue in-depths studies of French law. You will focus on French private law, civil law, and corporate law, as well as the four freedoms of the EU during your first semester in Toulouse. During your second semester in Toulouse, you will primarily look into French constitutional law and attend specialization modules in civil law. You will gain profound knowledge of the French legal system. After your stay in France, you will return to the University of Mannheim to complete your final year of study.

You can apply for the Erasmus program to receive funding for your stay in Toulouse.

Of course, it is also possible to recognize credits you obtained abroad for the beginner exercise courses in public law and in criminal law in phase two of the integrated program in Law that leads to the first state examination in Law.

Degree plan

1st/2nd semester Regular studies in the integrated program in Law (LL.B.) in Mannheim, application deadline: 31st of October (Middle of the 3rd semester)
3rd/4th semester French law in Mannheim
5th/6th semester Stay abroad in Toulouse
7th/8th semester Graduation in Mannheim


To be able to take part in this program, you are required to have successfully completed your first year of study in Mannheim and to have a B2 level in French. If you want to earn the double degree, you must also successfully complete the year abroad at the University of Toulouse.


Please note: First, you must apply by 31 October by submitting the usual application documents required for a stay abroad with the ERASMUS program to the international coordinators’ office of the Department of Law. After that, you will be informed by 15 November whether you were admitted to the program or not. Subsequently, you must complete the regular online application process for a period of study abroad at the International Office by 31 January (which is necessary to make sure they have all your data as well). Please inform them in your application that you have already secured a place in the double degree program. If you weren’t admitted to the double degree program, you can still apply for a place at a partner university, also at the University of Toulouse, in the context of the ERASMUS program by 31 January.

If you have any questions, please contact the international coordinators of the Department of Law!

In case this program has caught your attention, don’t hesitate to apply. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to complement your degree with an additional qualification!


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