Preparing for the exams / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica

Examination Information

Here you can find an overview of all important regulations regarding your exams

  • Important general regulations for exam registration

    • Self-registration: Throughout phase two of the program (state examination), it is the students’ responsibility to self-register for the exams. Please observe the registration periods!
    • Please also make a printout of all the exams you self-registered for! Only then will you be able to prove that you registered for the exam in due time in the event of a system error.
    • If you are unable to register for an exam due to technical problems, you must send an e-mail to Student Services I (Ms. Hofer) before the registration period ends. Please use the following subject line: “Technische Probleme bei Prüfungsanmeldung” (technical problems with exam registration). Otherwise, technical problems will not serve as a valid excuse for the failure to register for an exam.
    • Students may withdraw from exams they self-registered for until the end of the registration period (e.g., if they mistakenly clicked on the wrong exam). The steps to be followed for withdrawal are the same as for registration. Just click on the corresponding button.
    • Your grades are entered into the electronic campus management system (Portal²) and can be viewed there at any time. You can create an unofficial transcript of records at any time that you can print out at home and that indicates all your grades. Apart from that, you may request an official transcript of records from Student Services (please contact the office responsible for your program).
  • Registration for the beginner and advanced exercise courses in public law and criminal law

    • You need to register electronically for your exams via Portal² until one week before the respective exam takes place.
    • Pieces of coursework must be registered electronically via Portal² until the day of submission.
    • Late registration is impossible! Wether exams nor pieces of coursework.

    Please also note:

    • Papers (written analysis only) are to be submitted online to check them for attempts at cheating with the anti-plagiarism software!
  • Examination dates at the university

    Exam dates for phase two (state examination) can be found on the Student Services’ website

  • Registration for the state examination in public law and criminal law

    • With Abschichtung:
      Registration for the exams in public law and criminal law is done via the applicable form for Abschichtung issued by and to be submitted to the state examination office of Baden-Württemberg responsible for the state examinations in law (LJPA).
    • Without Abschichtung:
      Registration for the exams in private law, public law, and criminal law is done via the regular registration form of the state examination office of Baden-Württemberg (LJPA).
    • Note: If you register for the exams in public law and criminal law (or for the exams in private law, public law, and criminal law) for a spring campaign (the registration period of which always ends on October 30th of the previous year) the evidence of passing the advanced exercise (as an admission requirement) may be submitted after the registration period, since our semester has not yet ended at this point and you can still take part in further exams of the advanced exercises. You will receive a separate deadline for filing this after registering by the state examination office of Baden-Württemberg (LJPA).

Further advisory services:

Program Managers

Program Managers

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