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Arndt, Hans-Wolfgang, Prof.

Chair of Public Law and Tax Law

Burkhardt, Björn, Prof.

Chair of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Criminal Economic Law

Geisler, Werner, Prof., Dip.Law (Oxon)

Auxiliary Professor (außerplanmäßiger Professor) of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, and Criminology

Riedel, Eibe, Prof.

German and Comparative Public Law, European and International Law
Schloss Westflügel, Room W 127
Phone: +49 621 181–1417
E-mail: riedel

Sack, Rolf, Prof.

Private Law, Commercial and Business Law, Comparative Law, and Private International Law

Schenke, Wolf-Rüdiger, Prof.

Public Law

Schindler, Karl-Heinz, Prof.

Private Law and Roman Law

Spieß, Pirmin, Prof.

Private Law, German Legal History, and Recent History of Private Law

Ullmann, Eike, Prof.

Business Administration for Lawyers

Wiese, Günther, Prof.

Private Law, Labor Law, and Commercial Law

Wolter, Jürgen, Prof.

Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, and Legal Theory
L 15, 1-6, Room 312, 68131 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 181–3323
Fax: +49 621 181–1323
E-mail: juergen.wolter