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Law at the University of Mannheim

Studying Law at the University of Mannheim is more than just working towards the state examination. On your way, our Integrated LL.B. and State Examination Program in Law provides you with the unique opportunity to graduate as a Bachelor of Laws and acquire your first professional qualification after just six semesters. Subsequently, you will be able to specialize in different fields of business and economic law by pursuing a Master of Laws (LL.M.), a master’s degree in Competition Law and Regulation (LL.M.), or a Master of Comparative Business Law (M.C.B.L.).

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Integrated Program in Law (LL.B. / State Examination)

In the integrated program in Law, you will be awarded your first qualification, a bachelor’s degree in Business Law, after six semesters. After that, you can go on to pursue the state examination. 

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Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Combine Law with Business Administration: Become an expert in taxation or human resources working on topics related to law, business administration, and economics.

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Master’s Program in Competition Law and Regulation (LL.M.)

Are you up for a challenge by combining law, economics, and technology? We always seek young talents.

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Master of Comparative Business Law (M.C.B.L.)

Would you like to study European and international economic and business law? Possibly even at two renowned universities? In that case, the M.C.B.L. program is perfect for you!

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Never miss what’s going on in your program: This newsroom offers students at the Department of Law up-to-date information on lectures, seminars, events, registration periods, and more.

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How do I organize my studies? What should I do if I run into difficulties? And which deadlines do I have to observe? If you have these or comparable questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Stop by in W 220, call us, or send us an e-mail.

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Sometimes, after your degree is before your degree. Today, engaging in further training is more important than ever. Of course, you can pursue a doctorate at the University of Mannheim. You can find all relevant information and contact persons here.

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Public Law as a Minor

By offering Public Law as a minor, we seek to give students an overview of public law in its sub-fields of constitutional law and European law, as well as other fields that can be chosen from a range of elective modules.

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Law for Economics Students

Students of Economics can integrate many of the modules available at the Department of Law into their Economics program by selecting Law as a minor.

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State Examination Program in Law (In Phaseout)

The Department of Law continues to support students enrolled in the state examination program in Law, which is gradually being phased out.


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