Of course, you can pursue a doctorate at the University of Mannheim.

  • The legal foundation for a doctorate is established by the regulations and procedures governing the doctoral dissertation.
  • You can find further information on dissertation-related matters on the websites of the respective chairs.
  • The Graduate Program “Geld und Währung“ supports doctoral candidates before and during their doctoral studies. 
  • It is key for all prospective doctoral candidates – after in-depth reflection on what pursuing a doctoral degree entails – no later than two weeks before the meeting of the Promotion Committee at the time of the meeting of the convent to submit an applicationfor admission as a doctoral candidate
  • In order to begin the doctoral studies, an advising agreement (Betreuungsvereinbarung) must be signed between the doctoral candidate and his or her supervisor/s. Under Downloads, you can find the corresponding form in German and English, as well as FAQs on the advising agreement.

If you have any general questions on pursuing a doctoral degree, do not hesitate to contact Elke Diers from the dean's office at the Department of Law.


Elke Diers, Dipl. Verw. BW

Elke Diers, Dipl. Verw. BW

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