Team of the University of Mannheim for the 2017/18 Willem C. Vis Moot

  • Luisa Katharina Gebauer

    Luisa Katharina Gebauer, born in 1994, enrolled in the University of Mannheim’s integrated program in Law (LL.B.) in 2014. She has been part of the student initiative PRO BONO Mannheim – Studentische Rechtsberatung e.V. as a volunteer since her second semester and has been its president since March 2016. One of the most important things for her is putting her theoretical knowledge into practice and sharing it with those people in our society who have little opportunity to understand their rights due to financial constraints or language barriers. She hopes that taking part in the Willem C. Vis Moot will help her build on her practical experience and gain additional insights into UN sales law and international arbitration. Her internship with Linklaters LLP also showed her how important English is for the day-to-day operations of an international corporate law firm. Therefore, she wants to take this opportunity to work intensively on her written and spoken legal English. She is looking forward to facing the challenges that the upcoming Moot will bring, to gaining different experiences, and to interacting with students and professionals from all over the world.

  • Annika Flora Gläser

    Annika Flora Gläser was born in Bad Dürkheim, Germany in May 1995. She has been enrolled in the University of Mannheim’s integrated program in Law since 2014. She is now in her sixth subject-specific semester and is going to sit the first state examination in private law in September 2017. During her studies, she has so far put special emphasis on taxation in the context of the program’s focus subject in business administration and has specialized in competition law in the context of the program’s legal focus subjects. The latter has caught her attention because it is omnipresent and international in nature. Annika became interested in participating in the Willem C. Vis Moot because it is a good opportunity to learn more about arbitration and to apply it to dispute resolution on a very high level. As she will additionally be able to brush up her English, particularly her legal English, she was quickly convinced to join the Mannheim team for the Willem C. Vis Moot. She is particularly looking forward to meeting other students and professionals from around the globe, to working with them, and to growing as a professional and as a person in this attractive environment, together with her team.

  • Kira Güldner

    Kira Güldner was born in Fulda, Germany in 1993. When still in school, she did voluntary social work as a trained mediator and dedicated herself to drug abuse prevention. After taking her Abitur (higher education entrance qualification) at an international boarding school in 2012, she gained practical experience during a three-month internship with a small consultancy in Washington, D.C. After that, she worked with a horse trainer in Iceland. During her time abroad, she was able to improve her English. She has been enrolled at the University of Mannheim since 2013 and completed phase one of the integrated program in Law (LL.B.) in six semesters. She expects to sit the remaining exams that are part of the first state examination in 2019. In her free time, Kira successfully takes part in international horseback riding competitions and has won the German Championship, among other things. The main reason why she is looking forward to the Willem C. Vis Moot is the opportunity to leave the realm of legal theory and apply newly acquired knowledge in a competitive practical setting. By taking part in the competition she hopes to immerse herself even deeper into international economic law, which is her focus subject. In addition, she seeks to improve her legal knowledge and her social skills when working in a team and when interacting with international students and professionals.

  • Marcus Mohnen

    Lara Junge, born in 1996, has been enrolled in the University of Mannheim’s integrated program in Law since 2014. She is going to sit the first state examination in private law in September 2017, and will subsequently continue with criminal and public law which are part of phase two of the integrated program in Law. She works as a student assistant at the Chair of Private Law, Labor Law, Commercial Law and Economic Law, held by Prof. Philipp S. Fischinger, LL.M. (Harvard), and as a trainer at the Institute of Sports. During her internship with a mid-sized law firm in Berlin, she already gained some insights into business and economic law. A year later, she was able to explore the area of litigation & dispute resolution when interning with Clifford Chance LLP in Frankfurt and London. She is particularly interested in corporate law. Lara Junge is looking forward to participating in the Willem C. Vis Moot, where she seeks to enhance her knowledge of UN sales law and to improve her language and rhetorical skills. She is also expecting to deal with new challenges that arise from resolving international disputes by way of arbitration, to work effectively in a team, and to meet new people from around the world.

  • Leopold von Kageneck

    Leopold von Kageneck, born in1995 in Reinbek (near Hamburg, Germany), has been enrolled in the University of Mannheim’s integrated program in Law since 2014 and is going to sit the first state examination in private law this September. He speaks English and, as he grew up bilingually, is also fluent in Swedish. When he was still in school, he volunteered as youth coach and group leader at his golf club (“Golfclub am Sachsenwald”) where he took over responsibility of groups with up to 15 people. Up to the present day, he has continued doing voluntary work at university, dedicating himself to the Mannheim Investment Club e.V., of which he is a founding member. Leopold has also had the opportunity to put his theoretical knowledge into practice when he interned with the law firm Watson, Farley & Williams LLP in Munich. There, he gained insights into the international firm’s work, mainly into corporate law. Due to the international nature of his work during the internship, he had to face multiple subject-related and linguistic challenges which ultimately triggered his enthusiasm for the Willem C. Vis Moot. He is looking forward to competing with students from all over the world on law-related questions in a professional environment, to meeting new people, and to improving his legal English.