Reports from Former Participants

ELMC team 2015/16

With their excellent written pleadings, the Mannheim team qualified for the Regional Finals of the European Law Moot Court for the third time in a row and traveled to Helsinki for the oral proceedings. There, the team performed extraordinarily well. It held good oral pleadings and had lots of fun at the party afterwards.

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ELMC team 2014/2015

In the fall semester 2014/2015, Mannheim students Lydia Förster, Anja Kofahl, Johannes Persch, and Yavor Stamenov formed the University of Mannheim’s team for the European Law Moot Court. With convincing written pleadings, they qualified for the Regional Final that took place at Columbia University in New York. There, the Mannheim students were able to reach the semi-finals thanks to an impressive performance, which ranked them among the 16 best teams of the competition.

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ELMC team 2013/2014

In the fall semester 2013/2014, law students Anne Bader, Patrick Kalina, Christina Rinkel, and Neil Weaver comprised the first Mannheim team to participate in the European Law Moot Court. With a very good written pleading, the students qualified for the oral rounds abroad to which only the 48 best teams of the competition are invited. During the Regional Final in Turin in February 2014, the Mannheim team beat competitors from prestigious universities such as the Columbia University, New York, and were finally ranked sixth.

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