Mandatory Internships

The integrated program in Law at the University of Mannheim is subject to the Act on Lawyer Training and Examination of the Land of Baden-Württemberg (JAPrO). According to section 5 JAPrO, students enrolled in the program are required to gain three months of practical experience in total.    

  • In order to be awarded the “bachelor’s degree in Business Law (LL.B.)”, students need to prove that they have completed a one-month internship by submitting an internship report (section 4 of the examination regulations of the integrated program in Law (LL.B.), SPUMA).
  • Please note: Both the university and the state examination office of Baden-Württemberg responsible for the state examinations in law (LJPA) accept a four-week internship as being equivalent to a one-month internship as long as the LJPA does not change its administrative procedures in this regard. Please refer to section B of the information sheet on gaining practical experience as part of the first state examination in Law, which is provided by the LJPA.
  • Students need to prove that they have gained three months of practical experience in order to sit the first state examination in Law. Point in time proof needs to be submitted: Registration for phase two of Abschichtung or registration for all exams of the first state examination (section 9 JAPrO).

In the following sections, you will find all important information on the internships and any forms you might need:

Internship database

Up-to-date information on available internships for students enrolled in the integrated program in Law can be found in the internship database under Professional Development.


In case of any questions relating to the mandatory internships in the integrated program in Law, please contact the program managers. For further advice on how to find an internship and how to apply, please take a look at the information offered under Professional Development and check out the website of the Career Network of the University of Mannheim.

Program Managers

Program Managers

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