State Examination Program in Law

Program in phaseout

On this page, students enrolled in the state examination program in Law will find a compact compilation of all relevant legal aspects of examinations available for download. They will also find information on who to contact if they have any questions relating to their studies.

Legal aspects of examinations

The most important references during your studies are the examination regulations of the state examination program in Law (JuSPO-2007) as well as the Act on Lawyer Training and Examination of the Land of Baden-Württemberg (JAPrO).

Resolutions by the examination committee on JuSPO-2007

Further resolutions are available upon request. Please contact the examination committee’s office.

Examination committee

The examination committee or rather the examination committee’s office is your contact for any questions on the legal aspects of examinations.

Go to the examination committee


Program Managers

Program Managers

Department of Law
University of Mannheim
Dean's Office of the Department of Law
Schloss Westflügel – Room W 220
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
please make an appointment by e-mail