Law at the University of Mannheim

Studying Law at the University of Mannheim is more than just working towards the state examination. On your way, our Integrated LL.B. and State Examination Program in Law provides you with the unique opportunity to graduate as a Bachelor of Laws and acquire your first professional qualification after just six semesters. Subsequently, you will be able to specialize in different fields of business and economic law by pursuing a Master of Laws (LL.M.), a master’s degree in Competition Law and Regulation (LL.M.), or a Master of Comparative Business Law (M.C.B.L.). All our programs are taught in close cooperation with the renowned faculties of the Business School and the Department of Economics. This is business law and economic law at their best. This is legal science with a special focus. This is Mannheim.

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About Us

Research and teaching activity at the Department of Law is clearly oriented towards business and economic law. Learn more about the Department, the professors and teachers, and the dean's office, or find recent job vacancies.

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You can choose between the following programs and qualifications: the integrated program in Law (LL.B. / state examination), the Master of Laws, the master’s program in Competition Law and Regulation, and the Master of Comparative Business Law. Discover all your options here.

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At the Department of Law of the University of Mannheim, researchers look into all important fields related to business and economic law, including corporate law, regulation, intellectual property rights, economic criminal law, and tax law. Research relies on an interdisciplinary approach with a business, economic, and socio-scientific focus.

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Students at the Department of Law in Mannheim have the opportunity to spend one or several semesters abroad at partner universities all over the globe. Of course, the exchange also works the other way round: Mannheim attracts law students from around the world who come here to study law.

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Professional Development

Put your knowledge into practice while you are still a student: Take part in legal competitions such as the renowned Willem C. Vis Moot or the European Law Moot Court, browse through our internship databases, and visit our Career Day.

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Never miss what’s going on in your program: This newsroom offers students at the Department of Law up-to-date information on lectures, seminars, special events, registration periods, and more.

Studying Law in Mannheim

I decided to study Law in Mannheim because it enabled me to combine Law with Business Administration. I was glad I didn’t have to decide on the direction I wanted to go in straight away. Being able to think in an interdisciplinary manner is really useful as I work as a lawyer in a corporate law firm, and have to address questions from both fields on a daily basis.

Martin Thelen, graduate of the integrated program in Law (LL.B. / state examination) / Private photo

The combination of Law and Business Administration is unique. But the University of Mannheim has a lot more to offer. There is a variety of special events that take place outside of lecture halls. Take the Vis Moot, for example: The university provides a group of students with the opportunity to participate in the largest international competition focusing on resolving commercial disputes in Vienna and Hong Kong.

Chris Pflüger, 9th semester, student in phase two (state examination) of the integrated program in Law / Photo credit: Elisa Berdica

When I studied Law at the University of Mannheim, the environment was excellent. The professors and teachers are very supportive. It is obvious that they want their students to succeed because they give them advice that is tailored to their individual situation. And, by joining Pro Bono, a student organization offering legal advice, I was able to apply my theoretical knowledge to real-life cases early on. The additional LL.B. is also very well received by law firms, who appreciate that students are qualified in Business Administration.

Julia Marinitsch, graduate of the integrated program in Law (LL.B. / state examination) / Photo credit: private