Course Catalogue

If you are a nominated student from a partner university coming on an exchange for one or two semesters to Mannheim you can select a wide range of courses offered in English or lectures in German. On this page you will find all necessary information about the selection of courses at the School of Law and the University Wide Electives.

The Course Catalogue for the fall semester is published online in May and the one for Spring semester is published in November. In the provided Course Catalogue you can check the courses from the previous semesters to create a general idea of what we offer. Changes occur every semester but you can use the previous semesters as reference to fill out preliminary Learning Agreements. Moreover, the list of University Wide Elective courses are courses which are open for students from any faculty. Please note that generally you are required to take at least 50% of the courses from your own school and the rest can be from the University Wide Elective courses.

Course Choice

  • Law Students

    Nominated Law students will be contacted at the end of May and at the end of November with detailed information about the course choice. Bachelor students are required to take courses at bachelor’s level. Courses of the master’s program in Law are restricted to master students or students who have already completed six semesters of Law studies. Students who wish to take courses from other faculties, must select these from the available University Wide Elective courses.

    To register for those courses you can see the available information for each faculty. You might have to contact each coordinator from other faculties separately.

    The ECTS listed in the course catalogue are valid for exchange students only. The ECTS listed in the Portal2 are valid for full time students from Mannheim.

  • Students from other faculties

    If you are a student from another school / faculty, you can choose law courses from the University Wide Elective courses list only. To register for those courses please send an email to including (very important!!):

    • Your full name and surname
    • Home University
    • Which faculty you are visiting in Mannheim
    • Which level of studies you currently are (bachelor/master)

    Please note that some of the courses have limited places available and therefore we cannot guarantee a spot. Also please make sure to pick courses that correspond to your level (bachelor courses if you are a bachelor student and master courses if you are a master student or have already finished three years of studies). For special requirements please check the descriptions for each course. If you just join the Portal for courses which are not in the 'University Wide Elective' list without consulting us, you will just be removed from the list. We hope we have your understanding in this.