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Master of Comparative Business Law

The program Master of Comparative Business Law (M.C.B.L.) is an advanced academic program providing an in depth understanding of business law aspects of the Single European and the Global Market. The M.C.B.L. offers a wide range of lectures that are taught by both law professors from the University of Mannheim and Adelaide and lawyers, judges and managers. Students can choose between studying at the University of Mannheim and the University of Adelaide or attending only the University of Mannheim. The program is a high-level demanding postgraduate program in the field of European and international business law. The M.C.B.L. is designed for law graduates, or graduates with a sufficient background in law, who wish to pursue advanced studies to specialize in the area of business law with a comparative perspective.

Since I obtained my first degree outside of Europe, the Master of Comparative Business Law provided me with valuable insights into European law and the internal market. Additionally, the teaching staff’s profound expertise and the diverse backgrounds of my fellow students gave me the opportunity to see the world from different perspectives.

Erick Stern (Domenicanian Republic)

Apart from the solid curriculum and the opportunity to study at more than one university, the thing I find most notable is the multicultural environment. It gives you the opportunity to meet, and learn from, incredible and inspiring people from all over the world.


Varduhi Semerjyan (Armenia)

I would recommend this program to people with a keen interest in the European Union, and its legal aspects in particular. People interested in interdisciplinary studies that cover aspects of law might, too, find this program very useful. I also think it is a good fit for lawyers striving for an international career, as the courses provide a good overview of the various laws applicable to cross-border litigation.


Suin Jeong (South Korea)
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Mannheim Track

The program aims to provide students with competence in both comparative and business law, offering them a competitive edge in their careers as strategic decision makers in both the public and private sectors.

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Mannheim / Adelaide Track

The program is unique in that it gives its students the opportunity of studying law from a comparative perspective at a German and at an Australian university.

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Meta Geisbüsch, LL.M.

Meta Geisbüsch, LL.M.

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