M.C.B.L. Alumni André Bemmer from Australia

Why did you choose the M.C.B.L. at the University of Mannheim?

I chose the MCBL programme at the University of Mannheim because I was looking for a programme that would help me pursue a career as an international business lawyer. After looking at many master’s programmes both in Germany and the Netherlands, the MCBL course appeared to be very well rounded and covered the historical and philosophical aspect of European law as well as key international business and commercial law areas. It was a very easy choice in the end.


To whom would you recommend the M.C.B.L.?

If you’re looking for a solid understanding of key areas in international business law and want a better understanding of the continental European legal system, then this is the perfect course for you! I would particularly encourage more common law trained people to take the course as not only does it give you another perspective on the law, but it also strengthens your understanding of the common law. Recognising the sometimes subtle, sometimes significant, differences between the common law

and the civil law really helps to better understand your own domestic legal system because it compels you to delve into the reasons why these differences exist.

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